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Because [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  insisted.

So this is a story I've been working on for like...*thinks* nearly three years now. Basically once upon a time (oooh) a bunch of us would hang out on a message board and chat thingy and I eventually started writing a story (loosely) based on, well, us. It wound up with two (not very good) sequals, the second I finished early 2007. Then at the beginning of this year (2008) I decided to go back through and rework some of it. Mostly clearing up parts that didn't read as well as I thought, adding in extra description and adding some new ideas that I'd had.

I may give up and like, not finish this ever but then again I may not (or [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  may insist I keep going). So without further delay...*tries one last time to talk self out of it* Okay here's the bloody thing.

Title: Subject 908
Rating: Uh PG-13 for the moment
Warning: Some strong language (not much in this though)

Chapter 1 )

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