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It's that time of year again. Once again, [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose and I watch *coughmockcough* the Eurovision Song Contest and I compile a list of names to help me remember.

When I'm Supreme Overlord of Earth I will ban all ballads from Eurovision. Power ballads can stay. After several disappointing years Ukraine finally brought back the ridiculous and random and it was BEAUTIFUL! In fact I ended up voting a second time for them (first vote went to Russia).

As always, no offence to any of the countries.

1. UK: Why?
2. Hungary: Modern 80's in a car seat coat
3. Albania: Wailing Amidala
4. Lithuania: Sparkly Blindfold and the Cellblock Tango Backdrop
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vampire Gaga
6. Russia: Russian Grannies (I can't top that name)
7. Iceland: Movie Power Ballad
8. Cyprus: Princess Leia Dancer and Book Table
9. France: NUDITY also some singing
10. Italy: Amy Winehouse
11. Estonia: Escaping Eyebrows
12. Norway: Boyband Hoodie
13. Azerbaijan: Swan Lake's on fire
14. Romania: Upstaging Band
15. Denmark: Why, everything
16. Greece: Galadriel backup singer
17. Sweden: The magical summoning Hammer Time Dance
18. Turkey: Sacha Baron Cohen and the Bat Dancers
19. Spain: Backlit Dress
20. Germany: HAT!
21. Malta: Scenestealing DJ
22. Macedonia: Nice Suit
23. Ireland: Ultimate Jedward: Aquatic Edition
24. Serbia: Movie Power Ballad x2
25. Ukraine: BACK ON FORM!
26. Moldova: Wil Wheaton!

ETA: SO CLOSE to losing. And Russia were robbed.
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Yes it's a few days late, no I don't care. Preserving my list of names for the entries, as I've done for the past two years. Happily I wasn't left by myself this year, I had [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  and [livejournal.com profile] loonielass  to share the hilarity with.

Overall: Not as disappointing as last year. There were some that were dull and serious but there was enough craziness to keep me entertained. Sadly despite my vote Moldova did not win, boo.

So, onto the list. As usual, no offence meant to any of the countries.

1. Finland - Kurt Von Trapp
2. Bosnia & Herzegovinia - Scary Happy Plaid Band
3. Denmark - Rockstar Jedward
4. Lithuania - Happy Ballad on a Smokey Jaffa Cake
5. Hungary - Light-up Back-up
6. Ireland - Jedward, bless 'em
7. Sweden - Most Popular Pokemon Trainer
8. Estonia - Bright Coloured Witch
9. Greece - Ashton Beckham and SRS BSNS rap man
10. Russia - Light Up Shoes
11. France - Signalling Eyebrows
12. Italy - Perspex Piano
13. Switzerland - BE HAPPY!
14.  UK - >.<
15. Moldova - Pointy Hatted Crack
16. Germany - *snore*
17. Romania - Something about changing the world
18. Austria - Helmet Hair
19. Azebaijan - Ryan and Sharpay, only lame
20. Slovenia - Hooker and Catsuit brigade
21. Iceland - Waistcoat Sympathy Group
22. Spain - Malibu Barbie
23. Ukraine - Sand Art
24. Serbia - Sixties Hypnotism
25. Georgia - Neon Goth Rock
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Dear Eurovision: I watch this show for the cheesy europop, strange choreography and crazy staging, I DO NOT EXPECT HALF THE ENTRIES TO BE BALLADS! Ukraine was a paticular disappointment, I voted for them last year and was expecting something as mental as that, they did not deliver.

Now that that's off my chest. I did another list of names for the entrants, to help me keep them straight for voting. No [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  this year, I had to make do with various people on Twitter and the ONTD thread. Once again, no offence meant to any of the countries (except mine, we sucked).

So, my list for this year:

1. Azerbaijan: R'n'B Bullet Rain
2. Spain: WTF Toys
3. Norway: Dizzy Ballad (the spinning camera made me dizzy)
4. Moldova: Rave Sax
5. Cyprus: Fabulous Hair
6. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Best Jacket Ever
7. Belgium: *snore*
8. Serbia: Hopping Barbies
9. Belarus: Sparkly Butterflies
10. Ireland: Irish Fergie
11. Greece: OPA!
12. Britain: Light Up Boxes (Yay we sucked <_<)
13. Georgia: Freddie Mercury Dancers
14. Turkey: Go Go maNga Rangers!
15. Albania: Notfrapp
16. Iceland: Ireland mk2
17. Ukraine: Gaga ripoff
18. France: Party Hakka!
19. Romania: Shania Twain as Catwoman and Dueling Pianos
20. Russia: Not a photo!
21. Armenia: Apricots
22. Germany: Happy Goth
23. Portugal: Poofy Dress
24. Israel: *snore mk2*
25. Denmark: Every Breath You Don't Take

Hopefully next year will be better.
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So [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  and I were watching Eurovision and discussing *coughmockingcough* it over MSN, and I started making a list of the entries using nicknames to help me remember. Some of these came from [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  and some were from me. I haven't posted anything on this blog for ages I thought I'd preserve the list here. No offense meant to any of the countries.

1. Lithuania: Awesome Hat
2. Israel: Lesbian Witches
3. France: Angry Lesbian
4. Sweden: Old Woman Disco and the Karen Walkers
5. Croatia: Telepathic Murder
6. Portugal: Accordian Acid Trip
7. Iceland: Taylor Swift
8. Greece: White Chico and His Magic Light Up Box
9. Armenia: Dark Laser Cheeky Twins
10. Russia: Rapid Aging Lady
11. Azerbaijan: Scary Will and Grace
12. Bosnia & Hersegovina: Ugly H and the Beige Drum Corps.
13. Moldova: Sequinned Skipping
14. Malta: Dramatic Kaftan
15. Estonia: Evanescence Clones
16. Denmark: Gay Ronan and the Spider Guitarists
17. Germany: Tin Foil Leggings
18. Turkey: Mismatched Backup Singer
19. Albania: Ballerina, Blue Monster and the Joker Twins
20. Norway: Psychadelic Hobbit
21. Ukraine: Burlesque Gladiator Stargate
22. Romania: HumuHumuNukuNukuFAIL
23. UK: ...>.<
24. Finland: Crazy Gay Vanilla Ice
25. Spain: Magic Sarah


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