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Because [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  insisted.

So this is a story I've been working on for like...*thinks* nearly three years now. Basically once upon a time (oooh) a bunch of us would hang out on a message board and chat thingy and I eventually started writing a story (loosely) based on, well, us. It wound up with two (not very good) sequals, the second I finished early 2007. Then at the beginning of this year (2008) I decided to go back through and rework some of it. Mostly clearing up parts that didn't read as well as I thought, adding in extra description and adding some new ideas that I'd had.

I may give up and like, not finish this ever but then again I may not (or [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  may insist I keep going). So without further delay...*tries one last time to talk self out of it* Okay here's the bloody thing.

Title: Subject 908
Rating: Uh PG-13 for the moment
Warning: Some strong language (not much in this though)

The droning whirr of the air conditioning fan was all she heard as her eyes opened to a metal ceiling. Bolting up into a sitting position she looked around at her strange surroundings. The single bed, the grated metal floor, the bare metal walls on either side of the room that tapered towards each other on the opposite side of the room, leaving only room for the plain metal door. Her gaze fell back onto the bed and she noticed her clothing, dark blue scrubs with a golden yellow trim, her feet clad in tennis shoes in the same colours.

“What...” she whispered as she looked down at herself, a few wisps of dark hair drifted across her vision having escaped from the ponytail hanging down her back, raising her arms to look at her hands. On her left wrist was a slim band in the same blue as her clothes, the numbers “908” were imprinted into the rubbery surface. Rising from the bed she moved quickly and quietly to the solid door. Her gaze swept over it, realising there was no doorknob, no keyhole and no way out.

“Damn.” She muttered turning away from the door. As she looked back at the bed she spotted it, just below the single pillow at one end was a...well she wasn’t sure what it was. She gingerly picked up the heavy object, the hinge in the middle closing as she turned it over in her hands, taking in the dark pads along the inside of the curved metal and the small, now darkened, lights along the outside. The hinge closed fully bringing the ends together in a circle almost like...a collar. The weighty device bounced off the mattress as she dropped it in fear before sitting further along the bed. Her head in her hands she tried to think how she had come to be here but nothing came to her, just the vague impression of...sand? Fire? She had no idea what it meant. Footsteps outside the door shook her out of her thoughts. The scraping of a key in the lock followed by a creaking of hinges. She stood slowly to face the newcomer, unsure whether she should attempt to escape. The woman in the doorway was dressed in a shirt and trousers in the same yellow and blue as the girl’s scrubs. The gun on her belt and radio on her shoulder marked her as a security guard, and in her hands she held a tray of food. The woman gasped as she looked at the girl. Dropping the tray she grabbed at the taser on her belt. As she fumbled the girl ran forward, sensing her only chance to escape. Pushing the guard to the floor she ran out into the dark hallway. No idea where she was, she looked to her right and saw an open door. As she ran she heard the guard yell into her radio.

“This is KMRC5, L. Philips, subject 908 has escaped containment cell, requesting backup.” The girl kept running down the hall, slamming the door behind her. She looked up and down the corridor, almost exactly the same as the last one. She tried the door opposite her, shaking the locked handle in vain. She whirled around as voices came from one end of the corridor. She quickly turned and ran the opposite way, putting as much distance between the voices and herself as possible. At the end of the corridor she came to a crossroads. She stopped dead, trying to listen for more voices. Then she heard it, a kind female voice echoing like someone whispering in her ear.

“Go right.” It said. The girl hesitated. “Go!” it said forcefully. With few other options she ran down the corridor to her right. She’d lost count of how many corridors she’d been down, how many junctions the voice had advised her on, before she finally found an unlocked door. She slammed the door behind her and looked around at the concrete stairs that climbed away from her. She spotted the sign on the wall that read “Basement” and below it a map of the building. She glanced over the map and up the stairs. Eventually these would bring her to the roof. She could hear footsteps echoing close from the other side of the door, so with a sigh she began to run up the stairs, round and round, higher and higher, losing track of the number of floors she passed when finally she reached the top and burst out onto the roof. The bright sunlight burnt in her eyes, her hands reaching up instinctively to cover them as she blinked to clear her vision. She looked across the roof through squinting eyes, taking a few tentative steps across the wide open surface to the railing at the edge. She looked over at the steep drop of several stories, past glinting windows to a large dark lake. She stepped away from the rail and turned back to the door as the security guards raced up the stairs and through it. As she backed away from them more guards poured out of another door some distance behind her. Trapped.

With the two groups of guards closing together she moved backwards until she bumped into the railing. Glancing over at the drop she hesitated and the voice in her ear spoke up.

“You’ll be alright, do it.”

“Don’t do it!” a similar, but angrier, voice rang out across the roof, coming from the female guard with the tray, who was now aiming a gun at her. The girl looked at the guard in confusion.

“Get down from there!” the guard shouted. The girl moved as if to climb down when the voice in her ear spoke up yet again, more urgent and pleading this time.

“Go!” She took one last look at the guard and smiled before she leant backwards, tipping herself over the railing and plummeting into the water. 

Date: 2008-12-26 08:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ameseynrose.livejournal.com
...Ok, I only bug you for your own good.

Because this? Is amazing.

Date: 2008-12-26 08:16 pm (UTC)
ext_165019: (Default)
From: [identity profile] nb2000.livejournal.com
*hugs and pokes*

Yeah but it's fun to blame you *is weird*.

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