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It's that time of year again. Once again, [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose and I watch *coughmockcough* the Eurovision Song Contest and I compile a list of names to help me remember.

When I'm Supreme Overlord of Earth I will ban all ballads from Eurovision. Power ballads can stay. After several disappointing years Ukraine finally brought back the ridiculous and random and it was BEAUTIFUL! In fact I ended up voting a second time for them (first vote went to Russia).

As always, no offence to any of the countries.

1. UK: Why?
2. Hungary: Modern 80's in a car seat coat
3. Albania: Wailing Amidala
4. Lithuania: Sparkly Blindfold and the Cellblock Tango Backdrop
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vampire Gaga
6. Russia: Russian Grannies (I can't top that name)
7. Iceland: Movie Power Ballad
8. Cyprus: Princess Leia Dancer and Book Table
9. France: NUDITY also some singing
10. Italy: Amy Winehouse
11. Estonia: Escaping Eyebrows
12. Norway: Boyband Hoodie
13. Azerbaijan: Swan Lake's on fire
14. Romania: Upstaging Band
15. Denmark: Why, everything
16. Greece: Galadriel backup singer
17. Sweden: The magical summoning Hammer Time Dance
18. Turkey: Sacha Baron Cohen and the Bat Dancers
19. Spain: Backlit Dress
20. Germany: HAT!
21. Malta: Scenestealing DJ
22. Macedonia: Nice Suit
23. Ireland: Ultimate Jedward: Aquatic Edition
24. Serbia: Movie Power Ballad x2
25. Ukraine: BACK ON FORM!
26. Moldova: Wil Wheaton!

ETA: SO CLOSE to losing. And Russia were robbed.
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