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Yes it's a few days late, no I don't care. Preserving my list of names for the entries, as I've done for the past two years. Happily I wasn't left by myself this year, I had [livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose  and [livejournal.com profile] loonielass  to share the hilarity with.

Overall: Not as disappointing as last year. There were some that were dull and serious but there was enough craziness to keep me entertained. Sadly despite my vote Moldova did not win, boo.

So, onto the list. As usual, no offence meant to any of the countries.

1. Finland - Kurt Von Trapp
2. Bosnia & Herzegovinia - Scary Happy Plaid Band
3. Denmark - Rockstar Jedward
4. Lithuania - Happy Ballad on a Smokey Jaffa Cake
5. Hungary - Light-up Back-up
6. Ireland - Jedward, bless 'em
7. Sweden - Most Popular Pokemon Trainer
8. Estonia - Bright Coloured Witch
9. Greece - Ashton Beckham and SRS BSNS rap man
10. Russia - Light Up Shoes
11. France - Signalling Eyebrows
12. Italy - Perspex Piano
13. Switzerland - BE HAPPY!
14.  UK - >.<
15. Moldova - Pointy Hatted Crack
16. Germany - *snore*
17. Romania - Something about changing the world
18. Austria - Helmet Hair
19. Azebaijan - Ryan and Sharpay, only lame
20. Slovenia - Hooker and Catsuit brigade
21. Iceland - Waistcoat Sympathy Group
22. Spain - Malibu Barbie
23. Ukraine - Sand Art
24. Serbia - Sixties Hypnotism
25. Georgia - Neon Goth Rock
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