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Okay, I've decided to make myself start posting here more, even if nobody is reading, SO, I just now got back from the cinema having seen Toy Story 3 AT LAST (I know I know, shuttup). My rambly and out of order and generally wibbly thoughts, there's probably a lot of things I'll have forgotten already. Needless to say, spoilers ahoy:

 AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHMOOOOOOOOVIIIIIIEEEE SO GOOOOOOOOOD *coughs* Okay now that that's out of the way. I loved it, a lot. The perfect way to send off these characters. I saw it in 2D (because 3D is the work of the devil and makes me feel like my eyes have been slapped with sandpaper) and it was still EPIC.

I got chills during the opening when I realised they were referencing the games Andy was playing at the beginning of the previous movies and nerd that I am started quoting along with it..

First time I nearly started crying was when they were talking about how they'd lost friends, including BO PEEP NOOOO.

Before the movie was released I was a bit worried that they were going overboard with the new characters, that there'd be too many to deal with but I honestly didn't feel that way with the final film. Some may have had smaller roles than others but there wasn't that feeling of being overwhelmed that I was expecting.

Bonnie may give Boo a run for her money as the CUTEST CHILD IN FILM BECAUSE OMG she was adorable. The perfect person to inherit Andy's toys because you just know she's gonna look after them. Speaking of Andy, HE GREW UP AND GOT TALL, HE'S MEANT TO BE THE LITTLE TEN YEAR OLD PLAYING ABOUT AND I JUST *wibble*.

I'd heard beforehand that Barbie was awesome and she really was. She and Ken were hilarious although I do have one, teeny tiny minor niggle in that I kind of preferred the trailer version of them meeting with "Take My Breath Away" but that's a miniscule problem.

Another unexpected favourite: Big Baby. The posters and stills looked so creepy but I spent most of the film wanting to give the poor thing a hug, especially when Woody gave him/her the little pendant back and then the crying and OH GOD *wibble*

The dump sequence: TERRIFYING, NO REALLY. I honestly thought the Pizza Planet Aliens were goners when they got swept away by the truck and like
[livejournal.com profile] ameseynrose I really thought they were gonna end with the toys about to fall into the fires of Mout Doom...er, the furnace thingy. It just seemed so resigned I was expecting a fade to black any second. THANK GOD FOR THE CLAW!

I was whimpering and blubbering throughout the last scenes with Andy giving Bonnie the toys. I was half expecting her to give him a hug and I'm actually glad she didn't because I WOULD HAVE DIED OF CUTE. The toy family is together, all is right with the world.

And yes, I am aware that my avatar doesn't really fit the post, sadly I lack a Pixar one.

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