May. 16th, 2009

nb2000: (Jack Kenny OMG)

So [ profile] ameseynrose  and I were watching Eurovision and discussing *coughmockingcough* it over MSN, and I started making a list of the entries using nicknames to help me remember. Some of these came from [ profile] ameseynrose  and some were from me. I haven't posted anything on this blog for ages I thought I'd preserve the list here. No offense meant to any of the countries.

1. Lithuania: Awesome Hat
2. Israel: Lesbian Witches
3. France: Angry Lesbian
4. Sweden: Old Woman Disco and the Karen Walkers
5. Croatia: Telepathic Murder
6. Portugal: Accordian Acid Trip
7. Iceland: Taylor Swift
8. Greece: White Chico and His Magic Light Up Box
9. Armenia: Dark Laser Cheeky Twins
10. Russia: Rapid Aging Lady
11. Azerbaijan: Scary Will and Grace
12. Bosnia & Hersegovina: Ugly H and the Beige Drum Corps.
13. Moldova: Sequinned Skipping
14. Malta: Dramatic Kaftan
15. Estonia: Evanescence Clones
16. Denmark: Gay Ronan and the Spider Guitarists
17. Germany: Tin Foil Leggings
18. Turkey: Mismatched Backup Singer
19. Albania: Ballerina, Blue Monster and the Joker Twins
20. Norway: Psychadelic Hobbit
21. Ukraine: Burlesque Gladiator Stargate
22. Romania: HumuHumuNukuNukuFAIL
23. UK: ...>.<
24. Finland: Crazy Gay Vanilla Ice
25. Spain: Magic Sarah


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